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Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple is one of the most famous temples of Rajasthan. This temple of Eklingji was built in 734 AD. Enclosed by high walls, it is devoted to Eklingji (A form of Shiv Deity adored under the epithet of EKLINGA). The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The sanctum sanctorum has four faced image of Lord Shiva. The town of Eklingji is full of temples.

There are about 70 temples in all. Mention must be made of the Sas-Bahu marble temple, dating back to the 11th century. It is a fine specimen of ancient art with sculptural details. The Adbhudji Jain temple is of black marble and it dates back to the 15th century CE. Other temples in Kailashpuri include those of Pataleshwar Mahadeo, Arbada Mata, Rathasan Devi, Vindhyavasini Devi.

Located 22km away from Udaipur, Eklingji temple is one of the popular temples in Rajasthan. In this temple, Hindu Lord Shiva is worshipped. According to historical records, Eklingji or Shiva temple was set up by Acharya Viswaroopa. Later on, it became a prominent place of worship for Mewar rulers. It was attacked several times by the invaders. But, succeeding rulers of Mewar restored it every time.

How to Reach Eklingji Temple

It is one of the finest temples in Udaipur. You need to travel around 22 kms from Udaipur to reach National Highway No.8, where the temple is located. You can hire a bus or cab to arrive here.

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