Udaipur to Eklingji Taxi

Udaipur to Eklingji Taxi

Embark on a spiritual journey from Udaipur to Eklingji with our reliable taxi service. Discover the serene ambiance and rich heritage of Rajasthan as you explore the sacred Eklingji Temple. Book your Udaipur to Eklingji taxi today for a tranquil and seamless adventure.

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Udaipur to Eklingji Taxi: A Spiritual Sojourn in Rajasthan

Nestled within the royal city of Udaipur is a spiritual haven that beckons those in search of tranquility and devotion. The distance between Udaipur and Eklingji is a mere 22 kilometers, making it a convenient day trip. So, embark on a serene and spiritual journey as we explore the route from Udaipur to Eklingji.

The Udaipur to Eklingji Route:

The road to Eklingji winds through the rustic landscape of Rajasthan, treating travelers to a delightful blend of rural beauty and vibrant culture. This short journey typically takes around 30-45 minutes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of Eklingji.

Eklingji – The Spiritual Heart of Rajasthan:

Eklingji is renowned for its ancient Eklingji Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is a significant pilgrimage site and a magnificent architectural marvel, with beautifully sculpted idols and intricate carvings adorning its walls.

As you enter the temple premises, you’ll be enveloped by an aura of devotion and peace. The rhythmic chants and the scent of incense create a sacred atmosphere that immediately puts the mind at ease. It’s a place where visitors can find solace and connect with their spiritual side.

En Route Attractions:

If you wish to explore more on your way to Eklingji, consider these optional stops:

  1. Sas Bahu Temples: These ancient temples, also known as the Sahastra Bahu Temples, are about 10 kilometers from Udaipur and are known for their intricate architecture.
  2. Ranakpur: Located around 90 kilometers from Udaipur, Ranakpur boasts stunning Jain temples with exquisite marble carvings.

Planning Your Trip:

  1. Taxi Service: Choose a reliable taxi service that’s familiar with the route and the importance of Eklingji as a spiritual destination.
  2. Timing: Plan your visit during the temple’s darshan hours and consider visiting early in the day for a quieter and more contemplative experience.
  3. Local Cuisine: After your spiritual journey, don’t forget to savor some of the local Rajasthani cuisine at nearby eateries.


The Udaipur to Eklingji taxi journey isn’t just a physical distance; it’s a bridge to serenity and devotion. Whether you’re a devout pilgrim or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, this trip offers a unique opportunity to experience the spiritual side of Rajasthan. So, step into your taxi, bask in the divinity of Eklingji, and let the calm and sacred surroundings elevate your soul on this spiritual sojourn.